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E. Julian Jordan III 

About Me

Julian Full Body.jpg

As the son of two hardworking parents, an entrepreneur and an engineer, the values of hard work and persistence have always been present in my life. My parents worked extremely hard to ensure that I got an incredible upbringing, inclusive of a World Class education, that has opened so many doors for me. As fortunate as I was, I realized at a young age, that not everyone was as fortunate. Seeing family members less than 15 miles away struggling to survive as I lived comfortably, planted the seed for my candidacy. 

I believe that the time is now to bring an entrepreneurial mindset, and innovative thinking to the political process. I continue to fight to end the despaired conditions in which too many residents are living in.  I am committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of sex, ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic status, receives equal access to a fair and equitable future.

-E. Julian Jordan III

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