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Why Us? Why Now?

The answer is why not? For as long as anyone can remember, the legislative district 6 of NJ, one that boasts almost 25% POC and non-native English speakers, has never had a representative in the State Assembly who understands first hand the issues faced by these constituents. For too long, the district whose students are attending the top universities in the area has not had a State Assembly representative who has personally experienced the burden of student loans. There is no evidence of District 6, with among the highest property taxes in the state, ever being represented in the Assembly by anyone who feels the daily and yearly struggle of balancing property taxes, mortgages, retirement plans and medical care. We understand, and we are ready to put our experience, perspective and ideas to work! Support us, support your neighbors, support our students, support an affordable lifestyle in our amazing district. Vote JULIAN AND DANIE for NJ on June 4th!

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