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E. Julian Jordan III & Danie Moss-Velasco

Julian is a lifelong resident of Camden County, and attended Voorhees Township Public Schools from K-12. He studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University, the first stand-alone school of entrepreneurship in the nation. Julian currently serves on the Advisory Council to The Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships at Drexel University. Julian is passionate about developing sustainable solutions to the issues facing New Jersey communities through collaboration and innovation.

Danie has been a Jersey resident since 2011. She was brought up in a Mexican-American family that emphasized education, service to others, personal and community pride and a growth mindset...before the term was even coined! As a lifelong educator, she has seen all stages of the educational process from preschool through university, across the country and across 3 continents. Having taught in 5 states and abroad and been involved in Global Studies at the university level the past 6 years, she has designed, implemented and built upon best practices in hands on education for the last two decades.  Drawing on this perspective and experience, she would like to bring innovation, relevancy and a bilingual focus to Jersey school curriculums with advanced language opportunities, project based learning and less standardized testing. Having been an entrepreneur and the director of an international school, she is convinced that what is needed is not more money, but a better managed budget that prevents our hard earned taxes from seeping through the cracks and going directly to the salaries, programs and initiatives that reflect our priorities as a community.

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